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Mission and Vision Statement




The calling of the Methodist Church and this Circuit is to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

The following are high priorities to help achieve this through:


To celebrate the whole gospel in worship,

word and action to all people.

Worship is central to the life of the Christian community and the individual Christian, as it enriches, challenges and encourages us in all that we do. The breadth of services offered throughout the circuit allows for worship at all levels and offers a welcome to join any or all of them as they journey in faith with Christ.


To encourage existing Christians to learn and grow in their faith.

To encourage existing Christians to care for one another.


To enable the Christian Community to grow and develop in their individual and communal pilgrimage. We seek to provide opportunities for learning, discussion and debate in a process of discovery.

To care and pray for one another at whatever we and our neighbours find ourselves in, on our individual pilgrimage.


To seek to serve the worldwide community

through prayer and action.

We seek to meet the needs of people at all times. In our outreach we aim to encourage and support the community we serve according to their requirements. We seek to encourage faithful, stable and committed relationships. We aim to enable the people to take responsibility for their lives and would want to work alongside partners where appropriate to promote social justice and peace.


The church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ.

We seek to tell the good news of Jesus in words that are meaningful in our modern world, to call people to faith in Jesus Christ and to a commitment to Christian discipleship; both in our churches, fellowship groups, youth groups and within the wider community we serve.


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