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Silverdale Methodist Church

Earl Street, Silverdale, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, ST5 6NF
Minister: Revd Christine Legge

Church Profile

Church History:  Silverdale a former mining village is still a very close knit community.  It is believed by its residents to be the centre of the universe.

It is known that Methodist's were active in the 1830's.  Later in the century four Chapels were built reflecting different Methodist traditions.  These traditions came together in 1932 but it took time for this to accepted.

The four Methodist Church's came together and a new Church was opened in 1982.  Later the Bethel Centre (a former Pentecostal Church) was purchased as a resource for outreach.

It is a very warm welcoming and caring congregation who have a tremendous influence in the community.  They are active in outreach and are praying that God blesses their endeavours.    

Service Times:       10.30 am Sunday Service
                                10.30 am Sunday School
                                  6.00 pm Sunday Service

Car Park: Two car parks one at the front and one at the rear.

Worship Area: Pulpit, lectern and communion area.  Moveable seating for 150.

Premises: Church building and Bethel Centre in May Street are both used extensively by the community.

Numbers Attending Worship: An average of 60 adults and 9 children and young people.

Worship Style: Flexible.

Music & Liturgy: Songs of Fellowship 1 and 2, pipe and electric organs.

Media: Yes.

Children & Young People: Sunday School.



7.30 pm Bible Study - Fortnightly - Church


7.15 pm

Ladies Keep Fit – Bethel Centre


2.00 pm

Indoor Bowling – Bethel Centre


7.00 pm

Indoor Bowling – Bethel Centre


7.00 pm

Ladies Fellowship – Church


2.00 pm

Indoor Bowling – Bethel Centre


7.00 pm

Daleian Ladies Choir Practice

10.30 am

Blind Group


2.00 pm

Ecumenical Prayer Meeting – 1st Week - Church


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